April 27, 2015

Akira Kurosawa - Composing Movement

Can movement tell a story? Sure, if you’re as gifted as Akira Kurosawa. More than any other filmmaker, he had an innate understanding of movement and how to capture it onscreen. Animators study movement in film in unique ways, because they themselves are a unique sort of filmmaker; carefully crafting each frame, examining the art of motion for the purposes of recreating it in meticulous frame-by-frame fashion.

Watch this essay on studying the master, possibly the greatest composer of motion in film history.

Batman: Arkham Knight - "All Who Follow You" Trailer

April 23, 2015

Titmouse Screens Their 5 Second Films

The creative act of listening to a talking frog

Megalizer II

Music by: "edIT"
Animated by:
Vic CHHUN - [00'05"]
William LABORIE - [00'25"]
David MAINGAULT - [00'40"]
Leyla KADDOURA - [00'55"]
Faouzi HAMMADI - [01'10"]
Anne-Lou ERAMBERT - [01'25"]
Raphaël CHABASSOL - [01'40"]
Abdel Raouf ZAIDI - [01'55"]
Yvon JARDEL - [02'10"]
Thierno BAH - [02'25"]
Viviane KARPP - [02'40"]
Jeremy PIRES - [02'55"]
Delphine DUSSOUBS - [03'10"]
Jonathan Djob NKONDO - [03'25"]
Mehdi TEBBAKH - [03'40"]
Mohamed FADERA - [03'55"]
Organised by: Vic CHHUN & Mohamed FADERA
Compositing by Vic CHHUN & Pierre MORIN

Its predecessor:

Animated by:
Marion DELPECH, Faouzi HAMMADI, Thierno BAH, Vic CHHUN, Leyla KADDOURA, Mehdi TEBBAKH, Nicolas UGHEN, Benjamin CULOT, Yannis BOULTADAKIS, Mohamed FADERA, Viviane KARPP, Abdel Raouf ZAIDI et Rony HOTIN.

'The Car' by Chris O'Hara

'Playground' by James Jarvis & Richard Kenworthy

April 22, 2015

Impotents - The Web Series

Contribute to the campaign here to see the series get completed!